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Employment and HR
Employment and HR
Employment and HR
Employment and HR
Employment and HR
Employment and HR
Employment and HR

What can you expect from our employment and HR lawyers?

Business success depends on a strong workforce that is efficiently managed and supported. As the talented people in your company are a major asset, you need an expert legal team to help implement best practice policies and minimise risk in relation to any employment or HR issue.

At Artington Legal, our team of employment and HR lawyers provide practical advice on which your business can depend. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising UK and international businesses and are well placed to provide you with the legal support you need, whatever the size of your workforce.

Our recent successes in employment LAW and HR


Advised NASDAQ listed company on all of its UK employment policies and procedures

Employment retainer service

Ongoing advice to a NASDAQ listed EV charging company on its UK employment issues


Corporate support and advice on TUPE


Conducted disciplinary and grievance investigations for a financial services organisation

What our employment law and HR services include:

Our extensive knowledge and experience working both in-house and in private practice in a range of different industries and sectors means we can expertly assist you with any issue and will provide you with tailored, innovative advice. As the rapidly changing global economic landscape demands more flexible workforces, businesses are facing new employment law and HR challenges. With the innovative strategic advice of our experienced team, your organisation will be able to tackle any employment related legal challenge.

Recruitment and induction

Our experienced lawyers will provide assistance with various recruitment and induction issues, including:

  • directors’ service agreements
  • employment contracts
  • wording of job adverts and role requirements
  • policies and procedures
  • staff handbook


We regularly advise management teams on a whole range of employment and HR issues, providing support in:

  • grievances and disciplinary matters
  • EMI, CSOP and other share option plans
  • long term incentive plans
  • TUPE and outsourcing arrangements
  • HR consulting
  • employment law training


When staff leave, it is important to handle any issues efficiently and sensitively. We provide support with:

  • settlement agreements
  • dismissal procedures
  • severance packages
  • individual and collective redundancies
Employment and HR

Why choose Artington Legal?

UK lawyers with
global reach

Navigate the complexities of UK business law with tailored legal guidance and flexible solutions wherever you are in the world.

Specialised experienced professionals

Our UK legal team brings years of specialised experience, offering deep insight into business law across multiple industries.

Transparent communication

We’re committed to long-term partnerships built on trust and aim to safeguard your business’s growth through informed decisions and transparent communication.

Reach out to an expert today

If you know what you need, or are looking for some guidance regarding your business plans, our experts are just a call away.

Employment and HR

Meet our employment and HR lawyers

Meet our dedicated team with expertise in employment law, specialising in recruitment, settlements and dismissals and a whole range of employment related issues.

Employment and HR
Employment and HR

“Natalie Bowman is a long term trusted advisor in all aspects of employment law and is highly recommended. In the years we have worked together she has consistently provided prompt, honest and pragmatic advice.”

Jane Gilham, Head Of Human Resources, Xtrac Ltd

Discover our track record of legal success stories

From the successful completion of a $4.5M asset acquisition to preparing and advising international clients on joint venture agreements, we’ve covered a range of different legal capabilities.

Explore what our clients have experienced when working with us.

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What is employment law?

Employment law covers all matters related to the workplace, whether you are a business or an employee. It is concerned with the employee and his/her rights, but it also deals with the employer’s rights, duties and responsibilities.

What services does Artington Legal offer to UK-based companies?

We provide a wide range of corporate legal services to UK-based companies, including company formation, contract drafting and negotiation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, and more.

How does Artington Legal stay updated on changes in UK law?

Our legal team keeps current in legislative changes and legal developments in the UK. We prioritise ongoing legal education and maintain close relationships with relevant authorities.

How can Artington Legal assist international companies looking to do business in the UK?

We offer comprehensive support to international companies entering the UK market. Our services include advising on market entry strategies, compliance with UK laws and regulations, and handling cross-border transactions.

What industries do Artington Legal specialise in when assisting clients?

We have experience working with clients from various industries, including technology, finance, travel, and digital marketing. Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors.

Does Artington Legal offer retainer services for ongoing legal support?

Yes, we offer retainer services that provide ongoing legal support for businesses. This allows us to act as your “in-house” counsel, offering prompt and specialised advice as and when needed, at a predictable cost.

Employment and HR

Your legal health check is waiting

At Artington Legal, we offer introductory legal health checks designed to ensure that you have the appropriate legal and contractual foundations. We can assess your constitutional documents, shareholder structure, contracts, policies and procedures to ensure that you are compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

This is essential if you are planning to seek investment or sell your company. Request your legal health check today.