Successful business depends on well thought out agreements, where each party is clear about their responsibilities and obligations. A watertight contract protects your interests and, if trading relationships become strained, will provide clarity about your options for resolving any dispute.

At Artington Legal, our team of commercial solicitors has extensive experience in negotiating a wide range of contracts for UK and international businesses. Our lawyers provide pragmatic and dependable legal advice which will help you to achieve your goals.

We provide advice to commercial businesses of any size, from high growth, international companies, investors and entrepreneurs, to start ups and spin-out companies. Our extensive knowledge and experience working both in-house and in private practice in a range of industries means we can expertly assist you throughout your business lifecycle, helping you to manage your business risk and achieve your objectives. Our services include:

Operating agreements

We can assist you in every type of commercial agreement, including:

  • sales and distribution agreements;
  • standard terms and conditions;
  • supply chain agreements;
  • supply of goods and services;
  • franchising;
  • outsourcing;
  • research and development; and
  • service level agreements.

Technology law 

With in-depth knowledge of the technology sector, we can advise on:

  • software licensing;
  • hardware and software procurement;
  • cloud computing; and
  • IT outsourcing.

Online trading

As more and more business is carried out over the internet, we provide assistance with:

  • data and privacy;
  • distance selling regulations;
  • domains;
  • website terms and conditions; and
  • e-commerce terms.

Our team’s recent experience includes:

  • negotiating multi-million pound international agreements for IT;
  • advising an international travel technology company;
  • negotiating industry specific software licences and procurement;
  • advising one of the largest airport retail operators;
  • negotiating the terms of shareholders’ agreements for two class of share and articles of association for a property joint venture;
  • helping a London business trade with its customers based in France by advising and drafting appropriate cross-border legal terms and conditions of business;
  • preparing a partnership and joint venture agreement for a client;
  • critical management advice for Europe’s largest consumer e-commerce portal; and
  • preparing customer and supplier terms for an international e-commerce company.

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