Company Legal Health Check

Legal health check service

Taking time to review your business can be key to meeting your objectives. As your business grows and changes, so do its legal priorities and obligations, particularly if you carry out business online or in a regulated sector.

To help ensure that any legal risks to your business are minimised, we offer a legal health check to ensure that you have the appropriate legal and contractual foundations.

The health check involves understanding your business’s current and future commercial operational imperatives, and then assessing constitutional documents, shareholder structure, contracts, policies and procedures against those imperatives. We will provide you with an executive report which clearly identifies where any of these are out of date or non-existent, and what steps are needed to ensure your business is fully compliant and ready for investment or sale.

Your health check can be as detailed as circumstances require and can cover:

  • Constitutional documents – are your articles of association fit for purpose? Do you have or need a shareholders’ agreement?
  • Shareholder structure – is your shareholder register up to date? Have all of your shares been properly issued?
  • Intellectual property – are your IP matters (trade marks, design rights, software, etc) and your commercial rights properly owned, licensed and protected?
  • Suppliers – do supplier agreements dovetail effectively without potential points of failure or commercial weakness?
  • Data protection – are data protection regulations, policies and marketing strategies all properly aligned?
  • Employment – are key personnel bound by employment contracts with appropriate notice periods and non-competes?
  • Sales contracts – if sales contracts are negotiated without legal supervision, does the sales force know how to properly identify and mitigate risk?
  • Standard terms and conditions – do all terms and conditions and standard form documents reflect what the business does and are they fit for purpose?

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    Company Legal Health Check

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    Company Legal Health Check


    What is corporate law, and how does it apply to businesses in the UK?

    Corporate law covers the law relating to companies and other legal entities and their formation, operations, mergers and acquisitions, and investment and funding rounds.

    What services does Artington Legal offer to companies operating in the UK?

    We provide a wide range of legal services, including company formation, contract drafting and negotiation, mergers and acquisitions, employment law, GDPR, regulatory compliance, and more.

    What law does Artington Legal specialise in?

    Our lawyers are experts in the key legal areas most important to businesses. These key areas are corporate/M&A, commercial, commercial real estate, employment and HR, intellectual property and data privacy, and regulatory and compliance.

    How can Artington Legal assist international companies looking to do business in the UK?

    We offer comprehensive support to those companies entering the UK market. Our services include setting up the corporate structure, brand protection, engaging employees and directors, commercial leases, constitutional documentation (such as articles of association and shareholders’ agreements), and supplier and customer contracts.

    In what industries or sectors does Artington Legal specialise?

    We have experience working with clients from various industries, including technology, finance, travel, EV charging, and digital marketing. Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors.

    Does Artington Legal offer retainer services for ongoing legal support?

    We offer a retainer service which we call our general counsel service. We offer prompt and expert advice in all areas of commercial law, as and when needed, at a monthly fixed cost. This is as close to you having your own in-house legal team.

    Company Legal Health Check

    Your legal health check is waiting

    At Artington Legal, we offer introductory legal health checks designed to ensure that you have the appropriate legal and contractual foundations. We can assess your constitutional documents, shareholder structure, contracts, policies and procedures to ensure that you are compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

    This is essential if you are planning to seek investment or sell your company. Request your legal health check today.