Whether your business is listed on a stock exchange, private equity backed or venture capital funded or privately owned, large or small, you need an expert legal team to rely on in order to succeed in today’s fast paced market. Having the right corporate lawyer at your side is essential to help you meet your strategic objectives.

At Artington Legal, our team of corporate lawyers provides astute commercially focused legal advice to businesses of any size, in the UK and overseas. Our lawyers are committed to driving each business transaction forward with a modern, flexible approach to legal advice. We invest time in our clients to ensure we fully understand the needs and objectives of your business and its directors, so that we can deliver the tailored legal expertise that you require. We work closely with other professionals, such as accountants and financial advisers, to ensure that we understand commercial drivers and think about more than just the law.

With extensive experience in-house at a number of blue chip companies, we have a proven track record in providing a complete corporate law service to a wide range of companies, from multi-national corporations to start-ups. Our extensive industry experience and knowledge working both in-house and in private practice means we can expertly assist businesses with any corporate law issues, from major corporate transactions to the day-to-day issues faced by our clients.

Our services include:


When it comes to corporate strategy, we take an innovative and proactive approach to get the deal done, and will support you with your corporate transactions, including:

  • business acquisitions;
  • company merger or a joint venture;
  • MBOs, MBIs, etc; and
  • sale of your business.


Whatever your funding arrangements, we will protect your interests and advise on:

  • loan financing;
  • private equity investment;
  • fundraising;
  • mortgage security;
  • capital or share restructuring; and
  • venture capital.


We regularly advise board members, directors and senior executives on a whole range of corporate governance issues. We provide support in:

  • board advice and attending board meetings;
  • directors’ duties;
  • director’s liabilities;
  • regulatory and compliance matters; and
  • succession planning.

Set up

If you are setting up a company, our lawyers can provide assistance with:

  • company formation and incorporation;
  • a partnership or shareholder agreement; and
  • terms and conditions of business.

Our team’s recent experience includes:

  • advising the board of a primary operating entity, incorporated in the Netherlands;
  • advising a company’s board on a management buy-out including drafting the share purchase agreement;
  • completing a $4.5 million asset acquisition of a US business;
  • the £5 million purchase of an IT company in the UK by an international client;
  • the asset sale of a company for £1.4 million;
  • the purchase of two import and export logistics companies for the same client, including earn out provisions;
  • the purchase of a tomato import company valued at £1.2 million;
  • the €0.8 million investment by a French venture capitalist into a technology start up in the UK;
  • the bank financing of a manufacturing client in the next stage of its international development;
  • the purchase of an audio visual company for £250,000;
  • advising on cross-border acquisitions and disposals, including an asset purchase in South Africa and joint ventures in India and Russia;
  • the successful leveraging of one of the UK’s top animation and post production teams into their own independent business structure, including clearing historical issues, framing board negotiations, merger and acquisition negotiation and completion, and providing advice enabling transition to a full service studio;
  • advising on global integration and restructuring following a major acquisition;
  • negotiating the terms of shareholders’ agreements for two classes of share and articles of association for a property joint venture;
  • preparing the partnership and joint venture agreements for an international client; and
  • advising a client on a major restructuring of its finance facilities.

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