Artington Legal supports entrepreneurs at SVC2UK summit

Tad Ostrowski, director at Artington Legal, will be attending the Silicon Valley comes to the UK event in London on Thursday 5 November 2015. Each year SVC2UK hold a series of invitation-only events to discuss and debate technologies that aim to change our world.

SVC2UK is a not-for-profit organisation founded eight years ago, to support entrepreneurs in the UK bringing them together with investors and thought leaders to ignite local entrepreneurship. It has since led events in cities around the world and is holding its 2015 annual summit in Cambridge, Manchester and London from 4–6 November.

As a corporate and commercial lawyer, Tad is attending their latest event in London. There will be masterclasses at Google Campus, where inventor Daniel Kraft and Corinne Goddijn-Vigreux, a founder of the TomTom travel tech device, will be among those sharing their wisdom. Topics under discussion will include ‘Thinking global when starting a business’ and ‘Talent and corporate culture’.

The event will culminate in an evening dinner where guests will include iconic entrepreneurs from the UK and US.

Click here to find out more about the event.

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